Our vision

Step into a green future… with algae.

We at Jongerius ecoduna believe that algae will be an increasingly important raw material for our future. As food, as a source of nutrients, as a supplier of oxygen, and much more.
As fertile soil becomes increasingly scarce, alternative farming methods are needed to ensure a continuous supply of healthy food for the world’s population. We are convinced that the simplicity of nature itself is the solution to many problems, which is why we see it as our responsibility to protect and preserve it. We always make decisions based on the principles of circular economy and permaculture.

Our vision…

…is to produce the food algae through a regenerative and resource-saving economy in order to provide people with high-quality and natural nutrients in large quantities. Thereby we would like to make our contribution to a more sustainable environment and a more mindful society. This is achievable through the use of new, modern technologies that allow us to produce algae continuously, in large quantities. This will make algae accessible to the general population at an affordable price and ensure a sustainable supply of natural and healthy food. 

Algae for the world. By Jongerius ecoduna.