Jongerius ecoduna

Unique. Sustainable. Innovative.

High quality algae made in Austria

In a revolutionary closed and sustainable system Jongerius ecoduna is producing microalgae in Austria. Our products are used for several industries like food, food supplements, cosmetic and many more.

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small miracles

Efficient. Multifunctional. Extraordinary.

A marvel of nature

Omega-3, vitamins, proteins or pigments – algae are offering an ideal combination of essential nutrients and other important ingredients for a big variety of different applications. Due to their efficiency in photosynthesis, algae are responsible for half of the worldwide oxygen and because of their versatility they are used for water-recycling and energy use.


For you body

health and life

Valuable. Vegan. Pure.

Premium algae from Austria

Spirulina and Chlorella are both nutrient-rich microalgae and naturally contain high amounts of vegan protein (40-55%). They contribute to the reduction of tiredness and support your body with natural antioxidants.



quality promise

Natural. No additives. Clean.

A new definition of Quality

To produce our high-quality products, we use only clean Austrian water and selected nutrients. GMO-free and free of pollutions or any additives – Jongerius ecoduna is offering purely natural products and innovative solutions for private and business customers.



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Food and Drink Network UK

It may sound surprising to many but Austria and algae are a good match. Some considerable time ago, ecoduna took a pioneering step in producing microalgae on an industrial scale in Bruck/Leitha near Vienna.


Hanging Gardens

Using glass tubing in our ‘hanging gardens’ has proved to be a smart investment that lowers our operating expenses and practically eliminates replacement costs.