Cancellation Policy

Rights of withdrawal from consumers
a) The customer, who is a consumer within the meaning of the KSchG, and has placed his order via e-mail, telephone or online, has the right to withdraw from the contract within fourteen days without stating reasons. The deadline is respected if the customer clearly declares his revocation to Eparella GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “EPARELLA”) by letter or email before the deadline expires. The period begins with contracts for the delivery of goods with the day of their receipt by the customer, with contracts for the provision of services with the day of the conclusion of the contract.
b) The customer has no right of withdrawal for contracts for goods that (i) are made to customer specifications, (ii) clearly tailored to personal needs, (iii) are not suitable for return due to their nature, (iv) spoil quickly, (v) whose expiration date has been exceeded.
c) Upon the exercise of the timely and proper right of withdrawal in accordance with point 6. a) of EPARELLA’s General Terms and Conditions, EPARELLA shall reimburse all payments made by the customer upon receipt of the goods returned by the customer. In addition, there is no cost replacement. The costs for a shipping method requested by the customer and deviating from the standard delivery according to point 4 a) of the EPARELLA General Terms and Conditions and the direct costs for the return shipping shall be borne by the customer. The customer must return the goods in unused, undamaged and original packed condition. In the case of returned goods which are affected by signs of use or whose packaging is damaged, EPARELLA may withhold an appropriate fee for the impairment. If the goods are completely unusable, EPARELLA has the right to retain the entire purchase price.
a) Return shipments will only be accepted by EPARELLA if they have been previously communicated to EPARELLA by letter or by e-mail and within the statutory period of withdrawal as per point 6. a) of EPARELLA’s Terms and Conditions or due to a complaint under clause 5. a) or b) of the GTC EPARELLA. The risk of loss or damage to the goods during return transport shall be borne by the customer. B) For entrepreneurs, in addition to clause 7 a) of EPARELLA’s General Terms and Conditions, a discount of 10% on the price of goods shall be deemed agreed for manipulation and returns processing.