Controlled. Secure. Reliable.

Quality is our mission

Our mission at ecoduna is to offer our customers the purest algae, produced as close to nature as possible. Regular analyses in the different steps of our production and the addition from selected nutrients guarantee that our high requirements in terms of quality and pureness are satisfied.

Our production according to HACCP standards makes sure that we meet the high food-grade requirements at any time. Daily examinations from our algae cultures guarantee a constant high quality. These analyses are conducted daily by our trained staff at our production site, where the algae cultures are examined microscopic and with DNA based analysing methods for their pureness and vitality.

Besides our internal analyses we are having our biomass analysed by a certified external lab on a regular basis.
This way we make sure that our biomass is free from contaminants such as heavy metals, environmental pollutants or toxins.

All nutrients which are used for the cultivation from our microalgae are strictly controlled and selected after meeting certain standards. Our focus lies on food-safe and clean nutrient salts, as well as the usage and careful preparation from Austrian drinking water only.

Closed glas 

Protected from external contaminations and environmental impacts


Unique system allowes continuous harvesting during ongoing production 

Production standards

Production and risk management according to strict food requirements

Pump free

Stress-free growth conditions through our unique pump-free system

Clear Austrian Water

Our microalgae are produced with clearest Austrian drinking water


We use only selected nutrients with the highest quality for our microalgae

analyse partners

Regular external analyes guarantee the high quality in our products


Our production process is free from genetic modified organism (GMO)


Monitoring system integrated

Special designed monitoring system adjusted for our production process