Reliable. Continuous. Efficient.

Like nature itself

Sunlight, biogenic CO2, nutrients and clear Austrian water are sufficient for our high-quality algae products. On an area of one-hectare size our algae grow gently after the model of nature – without any additives and GMO-free.

In our patented system made of glass and stainless steel, our algae can grow under optimal conditions. The continuous production process in our plant, where algae are duplicating every day, allows harvesting high quality biomass day by day throughout the year.

Innovativ. Sustainable. Unique.

Nature meets technology

Algae are produced with various systems worldwide. Due to the low production costs, open pond systems are very popular, but because of the risk from outer impacts the demand for closed systems is continuously increasing. 

Therefore, many different processes were developed in the last few years. Starting with the so called “batch systems”, where algae are produced in plastic bags or other vessels without a system flow, over to the different glass tube systems, where algae are circulated with pumps.

Open ponds
Longish open pond systems

Open ponds
Round open pond systems

Glas tube systems
Tube systems with pumps

Jongerius ecoduna Technology

Based on the model of natur

During the last 15 years we have developed a unique system to produce microalgae in highest quality, based on the model of nature. Our Photo-Bioreactor System (“PBR”) combines the principle of surface enlargement from trees as well as the multiplication of the photoactive layers of a pond through vertical glass modules. Our patented technology makes for the first time, a resource efficient and year-round production of microalgae in a closed and controlled environment possible.

Technology makes the difference

Our system combines the following benefits:

  • closed production cycle – safe from outer impacts and pollution
  • surface enlargement for an optimal amount of light
  • the perfect circumstances for algae, through optimal supply from light and nutrients without a loss in efficiency
  • a specific control software and sensoria
  • the hydrostatic and less stressful transport of the biomass through the whole growth process
  • the biologic and technological know-how to control and manage resources perfectly

Only this combination makes a continuous production process over 365 days a year possible. The Jongerius ecoduna technology offers a perfect environment for the cultivation of microalgae and achieves efficient harvest yields all over the year.


The Jongerius ecoduna technology in detail

In comparison to other industrial systems to produce microalgae the Jongerius ecoduna technology has numerous advantages:

Closed cultivation system
  • Minimal waste of water in comparison to open ponds (evaporation)
  • Recycling and recirculation from used water
  • Risk of outer contaminations is minimised
  • Stable supply with nutrients and Co2 through the whole production progress due to the hydrostatic flow
  • Optimal productivity and stress-free circumstances for cell division and photosynthesis                                                                  (no pressure-change caused by pumps)
  • Prevention from partial undersupply of algae from nutrients and Co2 (Depletion)
  • The surplus from oxygen can easily escape
  • Clean and pure algae cultures support a reduction of the biofilm
  • Austrian drinking water
  • Selected nutrient salts of the highest quality 
  • Biogenic CO2
  • Optimal usage of light for a constant growth
  • Dynamic system supports photosynthesis to the optimum
  • 100% photoactive volume
  • High grade of automation and monitoring makes a correspondent control of the system possible
  • Special sensors for growth, temperature, nutrients and CO2 allow supervision through the whole production process
  • Reduction from manual handling to minimize sources of errors
  • 32 independent photo-bioreactors support risk minimization through independent cultivation of algae.