For those, who just can’t get enough!

We know only too well, that it is hard to get enough of our algae!

Large quantities of our high-quality spirulina and chlorella algae available in big containers for a certainly unbeatable price. From 750 g powder and 1 kg tablets, up to hundreds and thousands of kilos for further industrial processing. We have it all!


our bulk sizes:

Powder (Spirulina or Chlorella)

0.75 kg in plastic tub

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10 kg in aluminium pouch

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Tablets (Spirulina or Chlorella)

1 kg in plastic tub

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5 kg in plastic tub

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Please also note the respective quantity scale prices in our price lists. Shipping costs are charged additionally per country and shipping weight.

For online orders via our B2B webshop, a maximum of 30 kg total weight per order can be shipped. Quantities above 30 kg are shipped on pallets, for which we calculate individual shipping costs, depending on the total weight (enquiry to sales@jongerius-ecoduna.at).

For questions and more detailed information, please contact our sales team at sales@jongerius-ecoduna.at!